ICPS for Kindergarten and Primary Grades

ICPS for Kindergarten and Primary Grades includes a total of 83 lessons, each with an easy-to-follow teacher script. Lessons should be delivered at least 2-3 times a week, beginning with 5-10 minute lessons and building to 10 or 20 minutes over a 3-5 month period. It is recommended that kindergarten students receive ICPS lessons in small groups of ten students or less. Large group instruction is suitable for the primary grades.

The following pre-problem-solving and problem-solving skills are emphasized at the kindergarten and primary grades:

Pre-problem solving skills
• Vocabulary word pairs
• Feelings and preferences
• Listening and paying attention
• Sequencing and timing

Problem-solving skills
• Alternative solution thinking
• Consequential thinking

Note to third grade teachers: For students who are below third grade level, or who have never been exposed to ICPS in earlier grades, the kindergarten primary manual is appropriate. For students at or above third grade level, or who have been exposed to ICPS in earlier grades, the intermediate primary grades manual is appropriate.

The program also addresses:
ICPS Dialoguing – a unique problem-solving approach that gives teachers and other caregivers an approach to handling problems in real life, an approach that helps children associate how they think with what they do and how they behave.
ICPS Curriculum Integration Strategies – providing children the opportunity to practice ICPS problem-solving concepts as they work on math, reading, science, social studies and other academic subjects.

Publisher: Research Press
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